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Take a drive around our wonderful city and you’ll see why professional tree care is such an important service in Baton Rouge.

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In the heart of town lies LSU’s campus with it’s iconic oak trees that we’ve all come to know and love. Other parts of town feature different types of oak trees including water oaks, red oaks and live oaks. And if you’re headed to the surrounding areas you’re sure to see more pine trees than you can count.

This beautiful and unique landscape makes up the thriving urban forest that is Baton Rouge.

Bayou Tree Service is a locally owned, southern Louisiana company with more than 35 years of experience. Operated by Louisiana Licensed & ISA Certified arborists, our focus is on what’s best for your trees.

We offer a full range of tree care services from preservation, trimming and pruning to tree removal when necessary. We also offer residential services as well as commercial and government tree care services.

The Importance of an Inspection

Because a tree is a living, breathing organism with a unique environment, a thorough on-site inspection is always our first step in developing a plan of care. During that visit, our team will assess the health of your tree(s), take note of the surrounding environment and canopy as well as the location of the nearby homes or businesses.

Tree Care is an Ongoing Process

Keeping trees healthy requires regular inspections and follow up visits, especially if a tree is under distress from disease, pests, harsh elements or damage.

Our Louisiana Licensed & ISA Certified arborists are uniquely qualified to monitor the health of your trees and make appropriate recommendations throughout the year.

Tree Removal

In certain cases trees may need to be removed from the property. Many factors including the current health of the tree, the location of the tree, and of course the location of nearby buildings and infrastructure will determine the best recommendation for safely removing a tree.

If you are considering tree removal in Baton Rouge, please contact us to request a consultation.

Don’t Overlook the “Little” Things

The last thing you want is for someone to show up to trim a tree and damage your yard or landscaping in the process. Our team takes extreme caution to protect your lawn and valuables before starting any tree maintenance or removal work.

When it comes to commercial and government work, the stakes are even higher. Tree work often involves working near public utilities, infrastructure, sidewalks, roads and buildings. Our team has been working in these demanding environments since 1980 and takes the necessary steps to protect property and the safety of everyone at the jobsite.

Notable Projects

US 190 live oak preservation
Structurally pruned 119 live oaks and mulched


City of Baton Rouge (Department of Public Works)
Louisiana State University (LSU)
Southeastern Louisiana University (SELU)
Donnie Jarreau
Lewis Companies
Latter & Blum, Inc.
Property One, Inc.