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After trees have been planted, they need maintenance to stay healthy. Even if you don’t see an immediate need for our services, you should call us for a grounds inspection. We’ll spot any potential problems and help you formulate a plan to correct them.

Anything worth doing well is worth planning well. Bayou Tree Service will help you plan exactly what you want to do with your trees before any ground is broken. We can take your project through each phase of a job including construction planning and insurance valuations. We can show you how certain trees affect your buildings and grounds, or we’ll just come out to your location and give you a tree inventory and evaluation so you can see for yourself what you may or may not need or want.

• Insurance Valuations
• Lightning Protection
• Construction Planning and Management

In Louisiana, every season brings its own hazards to the well-being of your trees. From summer storms to winter winds, your trees have to endure a great amount of stress. Because of their aesthetic and property value, trees are an asset to commercial and residential sites. A simple maintenance plan could save you thousands of dollars in repair and property damage.

• Fertilization
Tree and Stump Removal
• Cabling Trees and Bracing Limbs
• Buck Moth Caterpillar Spraying
• Termite Treatments
• Damage Control

Sometimes, even the best care and maintenance can’t protect your trees from natural disasters. Louisiana’s humid climate and mild winters can be fertile breeding ground for termites, beetles, Buck Moths and other tree parasites. Winter storms can also reap devastating damage. Bayou Tree Service’s experts can repair tree damage and take preventative measures for future hazards.

• Insects and Disease Control
• Storm Damage Repairs
• Crown Restoration
• Consulting
• Root Pruning
• Mulch Delivery and Spreading
• Tree Planting
• 24-hour Emergency Hotline