Thinking Long Term

Bayou Tree Service is dedicated to the preservation and care of  hedges and topiaries on residential and commercial properties. We do more than  just cut back the growth: our specialized pruning techniques ensure that your hedges remain a sustainable, healthy part of your landscaping that costs less to maintain in the long run

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Why a Thorough Job is Key to a Beautiful Backyard

Shaping a hedge is about more than just cutting back the growth. Every cut on every branch grows back differently depending on where and how you cut it. The right cut today will produce a fuller and healthier hedge tomorrow.

Engaging the services of an arborist to trim your hedges presents numerous advantages that contribute to the overall appeal and wellbeing of your landscape. Equipped with specialized knowledge in tree and shrub care, Bayou Tree Service’s arborists offer expert guidance on ideal timing and techniques for hedge trimming. Together, we can make a plan that supports your hedges’ optimal growth and maintenance. Beyond aesthetic considerations, we also conduct thorough health assessments, identifying potential issues like diseases or structural concerns that might compromise the well-being of your hedges.

The personalized and customized approach we take to hedge trimming enhances the long-term resilience and vitality of your plants, making our service a valuable investment in the overall well-being of your outdoor space.