Rescuing Historic Live Oak Rachel

When Hurricane Ike hit Texas in 2008, he left devastated building and trees in his wake.

One significant example was Rachel, a 150-year-old Historic Live Oak located at the McFaddin-Ward House in Beaumont, Texas. Rachel’s owners called on Bayou Tree Service for assistance, and our knowledge and professionalism helped us to bring Rachel back from the brink of death.

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Restoring Local Trees After Storm Damage

Major tree damage is more than just an eyesore – they pose a danger to life and property. Even our stately Historic Live Oaks, grand as they are, are susceptible to damage and require special attention and care to minimize damage and preserve the trees. As certified arborists, renowned for delivering the highest quality professional tree service in Southeastern Louisiana and Mississippi, the skilled team at Bayou Tree Service possesses the knowledge and expertise essential for rescuing your damaged trees in the aftermath of storms.

When a strong hurricane or storm blows through, the state of a tree might look grim, but our ISA Certified Arborists have helped many trees come back after falling into a states that thier owners thought were hopeless:

Defoliated Canopy

A tree might lose its leaves for various reasons, but that does not mean it is dead.

Limb Damage

Careful pruning can help restore dead branches up to 4 inches in diameter.

Leaning or Fallen Trees

Trees can often be salvaged by standing them back up or replanting them.