Why is the Tree Health Care Program Important?

In nature, a tree receives essential elements and nutrition from the decomposition of organic material and leaf litter. In an urban setting, we frequently remove this material, and plant grass and other plants that compete with the tree for moisture and nutrition. According to Louisiana State University’s Agricultural Center, maintaining a layer of mulch beneath urban trees to mimic the forest floor will best benefit the health of the trees. Since we understand that it is not always in the best interest of the property to mulch or to allow the accumulation of leaf litter beneath an urban tree, Bayou Tree Service created a program to provide the trees with the elements and nutrition they may be missing in the urban setting.

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What is this program?

Here’s how it works: first, your Arborist and our Tree Health Care Manager, Matt, will conduct a thorough consultation of your property. Based on their assessment and your specific concerns, they’ll customize a program tailored to your trees’ needs. Whether you join us now or later, your maintenance and prevention plan will begin with our next round of Tree Health Care visits, with our dedicated Tree Health Care Technicians ensuring your trees receive the attention they deserve.We typically recommend 3 visits per year to fertilize and care for your tree(s).

Our program offers a comprehensive range of services designed to keep your trees thriving. From regular maintenance to preventive treatments, including termite protection, insect and disease management, and seasonal fertilizations, we’ve got you covered. If we identify any potential threats to your tree’s health, you’ll receive a prompt notification and immediate follow-up from our arborist, ensuring quick resolution.

For information and pricing, please ask to speak with Matthew Repp (504) 837-8733 if you are in the New Orleans area or Lee Rouse (225) 372-8585 if you are in the Baton Rouge area.