Should you Remove a Tree Stump Yourself?

Grinding a tree stump requires careful planning, the right equipment, and a good understanding of the process. At Bayou Tree, we take great care to not just remove the tree stump, but to restore your landscape to a ready to use state.

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Why do tree stumps need to be removed?

Tree stumps need to be removed for several reasons, ranging from practical and aesthetic considerations to environmental and safety concerns:


Tree stumps can be tripping hazards, block walk ways, make lawn mowing difficult, etc.


They can become breeding grounds for pests, fungi, and diseases that can spread to other trees in the vicinity.


Tree stumps can ruin the visual appeal of a manicured lawn, garden, or public space.


Tree stumps can sprout new growth which may be undesirable if you are trying to open up the landscape.


Removing stumps can free up valuable space for new plantings, landscape features, or other uses of the land.

Soil Improvement

Removing stumps can improve soil conditions, making it more suitable for other plants.