Finding Common Ground

Roots, much like branches, need to be pruned back from time to time to keep from interfering with building foundations, sidewalks, and plumbing. Proper root pruning can mitigate personal injury and property damage, and help us live harmoniously alongside our urban forest.

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What is Airspading?

Sometimes construction work must occur beneath tree canopies. When this is the case, we use airspading – blasting air at high pressure to expose the tree’s roots without damaging them to grant construction workers visual and physical access to irrigation, buried electrical lines, or other flexible sub-surface utilities. These critical pieces of infrastructure may then be between the roots without any of the damage that a backhoe or excavator might cause to the tree. Airspading is also helpful for diagnosing root problems and loosening compacted soil which may be preventing proper nutrient absorption.

When Does a Tree Need Root Pruning?


Prior to transplanting


When planning construction near the tree

Structural Compromise

When the roots have grown to compromise a near by structure

Exposed the Roots

When poor mulching practices or erosion have exposed the roots

To Slow Growth

To slow a trees growth

To Encourage Flowering

To encourage flowering (in certain kinds of trees)