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Adding new trees to your property can provide a wide range of benefits for your home, business, or municipality. Their aesthetic appeal and historical significance can increase property values, their shade can reduce A/C costs, and their roots and leaves can even reduce flooding and erosion. When the time comes to plant new trees on your property, it is important to do so strategically, and with proper technique in mind. Planting in an unideal spot could cause a tree to conflict with its environment (home foundations, powerlines, sidewalks, other plants in the landscape, etc.), forcing you to cut it down before its prime; however, planting in a spot that makes sense for the tree’s mature size and species will limit its adverse interactions with the rest of your property. In addition, while improper planting technique will likely yield a weak or stunted tree that requires expensive upkeep, planting a tree correctly from the start will make for a stronger tree that requires less time and money to maintain over the course of its lifetime.

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Why should I consult an arborist when planting trees on my property?

Hiring an arborist to plant trees offers significant benefits over DIY planting. We possess extensive knowledge about different tree species, ensuring the right selection for specific local conditions like soil type and climate.  Our expertise in proper planting techniques is vital for a tree’s long-term health, considering factors such as planting depth, soil preparation, spacing, and future growth patterns. We also have access to high-quality nursery stock and can provide crucial post-planting care advice. This professional approach not only mitigates risks, especially when planting near structures or utility lines, but also saves time and effort.