When It’s Time for a Tree to Come Down

Although tree removal is not our preferred method of tree care, it is often a necessary practice. When a tree meets the end of its life cycle, it is important to properly remove the dead tree to prevent it from harming nearby structures and people. Tree removal also prevents damage to nearby healthy trees, by reducing the number of pests, parasites, and diseases that decaying wood might harbor.

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How to spot a dying tree?

Part of being a responsible property owner is knowing how to recognize when one of your trees is dead or dying. If you observe the following symptoms in one of your trees, it is time to call Bayou Tree Service to have your tree assessed:

Missing Leaves

Trees that don't produce leaves during its growing season, or when other trees of the same species are in full leaf.

Damaged Bark

If the bark is brittle, falling off, or missing in large patches, it could indicate a dead or dying tree.


The presence of large fungal growths, like mushrooms or conks, particularly at the base of the tree or on the trunk.

Dead Branches

A significant number of dead or brittle branches. Especially if these branches are located in the upper canopy.

Large Cavities

Large cavities or cracks in the trunk can indicate internal decay. A tree with a hollow trunk may be dead or dying.

Sudden Lean

While some trees naturally grow at an angle, a sudden change in the tree’s orientation can indicate a major issue.

Root Damage

Signs of root damage, such as uplifted soil at the base of the tree or exposed roots that are dead or decaying.

Dead tree removal is one of the most dangerous aspects of arboreal care; so, if you have a dead or dying tree, trying to remove it without proper equipment can place you, your property, and your neighbors at undue risk.  Please call us and let us help you remove the tree properly. We can also work with you to replace a dead tree once the removal is complete.