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At Bayou Tree Service, our certified arborists have been extensively educated on tree care and fertilization. As Southern Louisiana tree experts, we are particularly experienced with our native trees and soils, as well as common transplants that can grow in our eco-climate. We’ll work with you to tailor a fertilization program to the specific needs of your trees and property.

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The Importance of Professional Tree Fertilization

Bayou Tree Service can help you up your fertilizer game. Our soil testing techniques can determine the precise nutrient mix that your trees need; our professional arborists can help you decide when fertilizing is appropriate, and how often; and our trained and licensed technicians apply fertilizer in the exact right dose, in the exact right places.

How do I Know When to Fertilize?

Fertilizing trees supports their health and longevity in many ways. When applied correctly, fertilizer: improves foliage color, restoring your leaves from brown or yellow to a vibrant green; elongates branch twigs, which gives your tree a fuller, more robust canopy; improves canopy density, which ultimately helps the tree to produce the nutrition it needs; reduces or reverses tree decline, restoring your tree to vigor. In the right circumstances, routine fertilizations can yield a tree the grows fuller, lives longer, and remains a grand asset to your property.