Protect Your Trees From Insects and Disease

Preventative treatment is the best measure to ensure that you have healthy trees on your property. To schedule a consultation with us about protecting your trees from insects and disease, or if you suspect your trees are in an unhealthy state, call us at (504) 608-0731 for Metro New Orleans or (225) 228-4289 in Greater Baton Rouge.

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Why Choose Bayou for Tree Disease Control?

At Bayou Tree Service, we’ve developed our Tree Health Care department over four decades of experience in tree preservation and restoration. In that time, we’ve learned that no two trees are exactly alike; and we act accordingly, tailoring a unique disease control and pest management program to each individual property’s specific characteristics and needs. Our tree health care experts will work with you to understand the pests and diseases you’re dealing with, to formulate a plan to prevent or mitigate these threats to your tree’s health, and to give you the information you need to keep your trees pest- and disease-free. With a plan in place, our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will bring our professional application equipment and industry-leading techniques to bear on whatever ails your trees.