Caring for Louisiana’s Historic Live Oaks Since 1980

Whether you live in New Orleans or Baton Rouge, nothing says “Southern Louisiana” like the stately, historic Live Oaks that decorate our commercial, educational, municipality, and plantation landscapes, and even some private residences.

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ISA-Certified Arborists for Historic Tree Care

Many of our Live Oaks have lived hundreds of years and have witnessed centuries worth of history firsthand. As they advance in beauty and majesty throughout their long lives, their health care needs become more and more complex, and more and more often our ancient Live Oaks require an arborist’s knowledge and artful touch. Taking care of historic Live Oaks isn’t just a specialty of ours here at Bayou Tree Service; it’s an honor and responsibility that we take very seriously. If you’re fortunate enough to have one of these amazing trees on your property, then you know just how important historic tree care is to maintain these southern treasures. But do you know exactly what needs to be done on a regular basis to preserve these grand giants?

When it comes to adding value and beauty to your property, a mature Live Oak is a premium possession. Your best bet is to trust a premium arborist to take care of it. Here a Bayou Tree, we employ the absolute top  ISA certified arborists in the area. To earn an ISA certification, arborists must complete advanced studies and strict examinations that require them to understand both the art and science of tree biology. This means that when you select Bayou Tree Service, you are selecting the best of the best in historic tree care services.