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When it comes to construction and planning around your trees, you won’t find any other local arborist with a greater wealth of knowledge and experience than Bayou Tree Service. Our team has directly managed countless tree care projects for golf courses, downtowns, residential areas, shopping districts, universities, and etc.

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Best Practices for Preserving Historic Trees

When it comes to developing on land with trees you want – or are required – to preserve, there are a few best practices we can assist you with. These include:

  • Building a fence, frame or box at a safe distance from the tree, based on its trunk diameter and species to keep it protected. Our certified arborists are trained in calculating these important measurements for you.
  • Protecting tree root zones from construction work and changes to natural drainage. Again, our certified arborists are skilled at assessing the proper distance that construction should take place away from a tree to preserve its root system.

While some Louisiana Parishes and Mississippi Counties may have an arborist on staff who they make available to you to help with these preparations, such arborists care only about the well being of the tree and will often suggest overly intrusive measures to protect it.  In contrast, we work on your behalf to make sure both the tree’s health, and the considerations of your building project are taken into mind at every step.

We’ve been working in Louisiana and Mississippi since 1980 assisting developers with construction planning and management to not only protect the trees we love, but also help developers draft beautiful structural and landscaping designs that incorporate the trees and best accentuate their beauty and presence. From inspections and planning to cleanup and maintenance, Bayou Tree Service offers everything you need for construction planning and management to ensure your trees and patrons are safe, happy and healthy!