What to expect from a consultation?

After a person has contacted their arborist with an issue about their tree, it’s our job to visit the site to evaluate the tree for any health or structural problems.  This site visit is called a consultation. During a consultation, we talk with our customers about their concerns, evaluate the tree’s health, and look for any possible issues that could occur. After this evaluation is completed, the arborist explains his findings to the tree’s owner, recommends a program of care based on these findings, and discusses the probability of that  recommended program’s success. This could be as simple as pruning or fertilizing,  or removal in cases where the tree is found to be either unsafe or beyond the point of recovery. In most cases, the property owner has the final say in whether to accept a proposed tree care program.

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A certified arborist is a tree care professional that has gone above and beyond the standard licensing requirements for their discipline.   Below is a list of certifications held by one or more of our certified arborists.

ISA – The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) offers an arborist certification program that is more rigorous and more involved than many state-sponsored programs. An arborist must have years of on-the-job experience before even becoming eligible to study for and take the ISA certification exam. Those who finish the program have demonstrated exemplary knowledge in tree worker safety, tree biology, soil science, tree nutrition and fertilization, construction site procedures, and myriad of other disciplines. Earning this certification requires an ongoing commitment to learning about the urban forest, meeting the arboreal needs of the community, and engaging professionally and effectively with the public. Bayou Tree Service currently has six ISA Certified Arborists on staff.

TRAQ – The Tree Risk Assessment Qualification is awarded by the ISA to tree care professionals who have demonstrated proficiency in identifying tree-related hazards and recommending solutions to mitigate or eliminate these hazards. Urban environments pose a series of challenges to trees in the city: construction site activity; utility maintenance; collisions with vehicles, heavy machinery, or lawn mowers; air pollution; constricted root zones; compacted soil; microbial activity and pathogens; and many other factors may compromise a tree’s health and stability. A TRAQ certified arborist is trained to identify and assess risks associated with living among urban trees, and to author solutions that protect life and property while preserving the tree wherever possible. Bayou Tree Service currently has seven TRAQ certified arborists on staff.

CTSP – The Tree Care Industry Association’s Certified Treecare Safety Professional credential (CTSP) is awarded to arborists who have achieved excellence in work site safety and efficient communication within and among work crews. Those who hold a CTSP certificate have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to the health and safety of their colleagues. Through their leadership and expertise, Certified Treecare Safety Professionals ensure that no matter how intricate the job may be, everyone goes home to their families at the end of the day. Bayou Tree Service has 3 CTSP arborists on staff.