Your Trees are Worth More than you May Think

Many people are surprised at just how much a tree can be worth. In many cases, a single, heathy, mature tree can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. So when disaster strikes, and you lose one or more of these precious trees, it is important to make sure that its value is accurately represented in the insurance claim.

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How it Works

Arborists play a crucial role in tree insurance valuations through a comprehensive assessment of the various factors on the tree’s value. Often times insurance companies will rely on uninformed, lowball estimates of a Tree’s value when calculating for damage. They will make assumptions about poor tree health, or undervalue its significance to the value of your property or local ecosystem, or they will simply offer a random dollar value hoping you will accept it.

This is where Bayou Tree Services comes in. As licensed arborists, we use judicial precedented methods of measuring the value of a tree for all of the factors that it contributes to your property. We use standardized models for calculating a tree’s worth based on all of its contributions to the surrounding environment.

Through our detailed measurements and findings, we can prove the precise value of each tree on your property, both before and after disaster hits, to make sure that you are duly compensated for your lose.

Aesthetic Impact

We take into account how its aesthetic appeal and landscape significance impacts your overall property value.


We measure the tree’s overall health by examining its canopy, foliage density, and any signs of stress or decline.

Tree's Species

We factor in the tree’s species and its adaptability to the local climate.

Ecological Impact

We consider the ecological impact of the tree for factors like flood water control, CO2 offsetting, etc.

Replacement Cost

We also take into account the complete cost of replacing your tree with one of comparable value if available.