Tree Lightning Protection

Tree Lightning Protection

From the Louisiana-Certified Arborists at Bayou Tree Service

Bayou Tree Company is dedicated to the restoration and care of Louisiana’s trees.  Lightning protection is an important preservation technique that insures the long life of your most important trees.  Bayou Tree Service has been part of south Louisiana since 1978 with fully staffed offices and local teams in New Orleans and Baton Rouge to better serve you.

If you would like to find out how much it will cost to have a professional install tree lightning protection on your property, please call us to request a consultation.

What Does Lightning Protection do?

Here in Louisiana, major thunder storms are an everyday fact of life; so, it is important to make sure that your prized trees are protected.  Even if your tree survives an initial lightning strike, it can scar your tree leaving it more vulnerable to future breakage, pests, and infections significantly shortening its life expectancy and endangering near by structures.  Lighting protection works on the principle that electricity always follows the path of least resistant. And for lightning, this path is often right through the tallest, most valuable tree on your property.  To protect trees from lightning strikes, we install ground wires that give the lightning a new path of least resistance that travels down the wire adjacent to your tree instead of through the tree itself protecting your tree from meeting an untimely fate.

Avoid DIY Disasters

You may be tempted to do a little research online and try your hand at installing your own lightning protection. However, as licensed arborists, we can tell you it’s not as simple at it looks!

Here are a few reasons to consider calling a professional tree planter rather than doing it yourself:

  • Heights – Installing lightning protection requires ladders, trucks or good old fashioned tree climbing.
  • Electrical Hazards – Upper tree limbs are often located near power lines or electrical equipment.
  • Specialized Hardware – The kinds of hardware used in lightning protection are highly specialized.  Use of improper grounding wires or mounts could cause an even greater risk to you tree than no grounding wires at all.

Local Tree Experts Serving Southern Louisiana Since 1977

Bayou Tree Service provides professional tree planting by Louisiana-licensed arborists throughout metro New Orleans and Baton Rouge. If you would like to find out how much it would cost to have our professionals care for your trees, please call us today to request a consultation.