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Here in Louisiana, regular termite treatments are important to safeguard the health and longevity of our beloved trees. Most people know that termites feast on “dead” wood, such as the wood used to build homes. However, our most common local termites, the Formosans, eat live trees as well. And they love our local Louisiana trees! In fact, a USDA study found that approximately 30% of the live oaks in New Orleans were infested with Formosan termites.

How to spot a tree with termite damage?

Identifying a termite infestation in trees involves looking for several key signs:

  • Some termites build mud tubes for protection and moisture while they travel. These can often be found on the trunk or at the base of the tree.
  • Drywood termites leave behind wood-colored droppings. These droppings, known as frass, often resemble fine sawdust or sand.
  • The bark of an infested tree might have an unusual texture or appearance, such as unexplained cracks, holes, or blistering.
  • Unexplained leaf or branch die-off.
  • Some termite species build nests in trees which can be seen as large mounds or bumps on the trunk or in the branches.

If you see any of theses signs of infestation on your tree, don’t wait to call.  Termites are a major threat to your trees, which if left untreated, could easily spread to the your home or other buildings on your property.

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