Professional Tree Preservation

From Bayou Tree Services Serving New Orleans and Baton Rouge Since 1978 

At Bayou Tree Service, we are committed to servicing and preserving New Orleans and Baton Rouge residential and commercial trees, including historic Live Oaks. Whether you have a home with young, mature or historic trees that need annual maintenance, or you are a business, educational campus, municipality or plantation that needs regular maintenance of your trees to ensure their longevity on your property, Bayou Tree Service’s professional, ISA-certified arborists are here to help!

Have Your Trees Professionally Inspected by Our ISA-Certified Arborists to Preserve Their Health

Trees can become damaged, diseased, infested with pests or have dead branches. All of these conditions can contribute to the early death of your beautiful trees - something we here at Bayou Tree Service never want to see.

Whether you are a homeowner with a few trees that add curb appeal to your house, or you are a commercial entity that has several trees that need to be managed, Bayou Tree Service has the experience needed to properly inspect and preserve your trees. In fact, we’ve been preserving trees in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge area since 1978, so clearly, we’re here to stay.

Year Round Professional Tree Care 

All trees, even historic Live Oaks, grow every year. In order to properly maintain and preserve these trees, they should be professionally trimmed and pruned by trained arborists on an annual basis.

While many New Orleans and Baton Rouge homeowners take on tree trimming as a DIY project, it’s something you should never do. Without studying and understanding tree biology - as our arborists do - you can inadvertently shock your tree by trimming too much, or leave dead or diseased limbs on your tree which are difficult to spot with the untrained eye and can spread throughout your tree.

Mulching and Fertilizing Your Trees Promotes Healthy Growth

All trees should be mulched and fertilized on a regular basis - especially on commercial properties where doing these tasks on your own is virtually impossible. Our skilled arborists know exactly how to identify what needs to be done to preserve each tree on your residential or commercial property, making Bayou Tree Service the perfect firm to trust to preserve your trees for years to come.

Don’t Remove Your Trees - Transplant Them

At times, especially on commercial properties, trees are located in less than ideal places as the buildings, walkways and parking lots on those properties evolve and expand over years. But trees that are planted in less than ideal places don’t always need to be removed. At Bayou Tree Service, we have a long history of transplanting trees to more ideal locations, while preserving their beauty, majesty and health.

Bayou Tree Service Has a Track Record of Saving Trees Damaged by Storms and Hurricanes

We all know that in the Gulf states, we are prone to heavy storms and hurricanes, all of which can damage trees. Even though Bayou Tree Service specializes in preserving and maintaining trees in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas, commercial properties from out of state have called on our expertise to save and preserve trees that have been damaged in storms.

One of our most notable tree preservation stories is when we saved Rachel, a 150-year-old Live Oak located at the McFaddin-Ward House in Beaumont, Texas. Rachel was severely damaged in Hurricane Ike, and her owners were desperate to save her.

With Bayou Tree Services impeccable reputation for saving and preserving trees, these Texan property owners called upon us to save Rachel, an event that was even featured in an issue of Arbor Age Magazine.

Call Bayou Tree Services to Preserve Your Trees Today

If you have trees that appear damaged or diseased, need annual maintenance, or you just want to ensure they last throughout your lifetime, call us today to schedule a consultation at (504) 837-8733 in New Orleans, or (225) 372-8585 in Baton Rouge.