Professional Tree Services for Baton Rouge & New Orleans

Keep your home’s trees beautiful, healthy and protected with the help of the Louisiana-Certified Arborists at Bayou Tree Service.

Everyone wants their home to have curb appeal, and there’s nothing that makes the exterior of your house quite as inviting as beautifully maintained trees.

At Bayou Tree Service, we help homeowners throughout New Orleans and Baton Rouge maintain and preserve their trees, making their homes not only have the best yard on the block, but also protecting their trees from pest damage, and preventing fallen limbs, storm damage and more from threatening their homes or other structures on their properties. 

Professional New Orleans and Baton Rouge Residential Tree Services 

As ISA-certified arborists, we help New Orleans and Baton Rouge residents with a variety of tree care services, including:

  • Inspecting your home’s trees to assess their health
  • Professional tree pruning and trimming
  • Emergency services in the case of storms or other reasons for fallen trees or limbs
  • Preserving historic trees, including Louisiana’s famous Live Oaks
  • Fertilizing trees to promote proper and healthy growth
  • Removing dead or unwanted trees
  • Trimming tree limbs that are hanging over your home’s roof or other structures on your property
  • Much, much more!

Professional Care for Your Residential Trees 

A well-trimmed tree can look great in your yard, but an untrimmed tree can not only be an eyesore, but a safety risk, too. Reasons to have your trees trimmed by the professional, ISA-certified arborists at Bayou Tree Service include:

  • Appearance - Have your trees trimmed regularly by professional arborists who know how to make trees look great
  • Safety - Protect your home, cars and other structures on your property from hazardous limbs that may fall on their own or in a hurricane or other storm, and make it easier for cars and people to pass underneath your trees
  • Tree Health - Trees can become diseased, have dead limbs or become infested with pests, but our arborists know how to treat these unsightly conditions
  • Preservation - Extend the life of your mature and historic trees by having them regularly treated by a professional arborist

Avoid DIY Tree Trimming Mistakes

Whether you’re a New Orleans or Baton Rouge resident with a green thumb, or you’re trying to save some money, it’s easy to understand why so many people take on tree trimming as a do-it-yourself project. But, as many Louisiana residents have found, tree trimming isn’t a good DIY task.

First, there’s the safety risks of using sharp and potentially hazardous tools to properly trim a tree.

Second, tree limbs are frequently located near power lines or other electrical equipment, posing a huge safety risk to the untrained tree trimmer.

Next, tree trimming and pruning can cause you to climb to tall heights, which you may not be equipped to safely ascend.

And finally, without understanding tree biology, you may inadvertently over-trim your tree, causing it to go into shock and making it more susceptible to infection, dead limbs or pest infestation.

Trust Your Home’s Trees to Bayou Tree Service

At Bayou Tree Service, we love working with New Orleans and Baton Rouge homeowners to take care of their residential trees. In fact, our ISA-certified arborists would much rather be on your property caring for your trees than sitting in the office!

While we know you have many tree services to choose from in Southern Louisiana, at Bayou Tree Service we pride ourselves in having helped New Orleans and Baton Rouge homeowners with their residential tree trimming services since 1978.

We’re a part of the community, we’re here to stay, and our longevity in the Southern Louisiana market not only proves our expertise in caring for local residential trees, but also the top notch service we offer Louisiana homeowners.