It’s June here in southern Louisiana and most of us know the drill. ✓ Listen to hurricane gurus guess wrong about the number of storms. ✓ Check battery stockpiles. ✓ Grab some extra nonperishable food & water supplies. ✓ Put your hands on important documents…insurance, wills, photographs, etc. ✓ Get extra gas in the spare cans for the generator. ✓ Inspect

If you drive around metro New Orleans or Baton Rouge, or if you have palm trees in your yard, there’s a good chance you’ve noticed our local palm trees don’t look so hot.Their leaves (or frond as we call them) are brown and droopy. Their crowns are often flat seem to have no life.That’s because

Living in southern Louisiana is truly a gift. Mild winters. Red beans on Mondays. The Saints. LSU.But sometimes living here is frustrating. Hurricanes. Tropical heat. Termites.This time of year termites are EVERYWHERE in southern Louisiana! They’re swarming around lights at night. Splattering on your windshield during the day. Getting whisked out of your pool in

Prepare for Hurricane Season